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Mapmaker’s Mistake

An evil king. A 13-year-old princess being sold to save her kingdom. She and her friends will fight to find another way.

Available in Southeast Alaska stores: Nolan Center in Wrangell and Coppa in Juneau

Princess Asha learned at a young age she would never sit upon the throne of Zanzia.
Rival forces to the north, led by the tyrannical son of a mad king, are usurping her country’s land and resources as her people starve. Zanzia’s only chance at salvation is to marry off the 13-year-old princess to another kingdom in order to forge an alliance powerful enough to push back the armies of Nadroj.

The Mapmaker’s Mistake follows the adventures of Asha as she uses her cunning and skills with a blade to reforge her destiny. To avoid being sold into marriage, Asha fights back with the help of Rose, her Lady-in-Waiting, and spunky little sister Aurelia. Together the girls use diplomacy, espionage and sharpened steel to circumvent an unstoppable army bent on taking what little the Kingdom of Zanzia has left.

After confronting the evil King Dokar, Asha and Rose find themselves on the run and assume new identities. No matter how far they travel, danger follows closely behind them.

Reviews: Five out of five star rating

This book is full of mysteries and adventure. Every page you turn there is a new surprise. I loved it so much that I read it in 3 days.
— Adeline age 11

The journey of the young heroines will suck you in, but it is the relationships they build with themselves that will stay with you after you’ve turned the final page. Schijvens paints a world worthy of escaping into, and you will be glad you did.
— Amazon reviewer

This book is REALLY good. I was given this book as a present and in two days I had read it all! The story is intriguing, always with something new to discover. I recommend this book for all ages. It will give you courage and entertain you!
— Freyja age 10

Mapmaker’s Mistake in the News

Juneau resident creates a fictional world for kids: A variety of local talent is on display in “Mapmaker’s Mistake.”
– Juneau Empire/Capital City Weekly, January 27, 2021

As the Page Turns…
KTOO, February 23, 2021

Author: Meilani Schijvens.

  • Cover illustration credit: Glen Fairchild
  • Chapter heading drawings credit: Kirsten Shelton
  • Editor: Charles Westmoreland